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More About MaLTS

The charming little spa town of Malvern has surprisingly strong connections to C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. Lewis attended prep school and public school in Malvern writing in Surprised by Joy, "Wyvern [Lewis' code name for Malvern] cured my quarrel with England. The great blue plain below us and, behind, those green, peaked hills, so mountainous in form and yet so manageably small in size, became almost at once my delight. And Wyvern Priory was the first building that I ever perceived to be beautiful." As an adult he loved to walk the hills here with Tolkien and his Inkling friends. Malvern is also particularly significant for Tolkien, as it may well have been a visit to his friend George Sayer (former Master of English Literature at Malvern College) that helped encourage Tolkien to finally publish the Lord of the Rings. Malvern's natural landscape may have had an influence on Tolkien as well. He wrote to Sayer from his brother's house in nearby Evesham in 1953, "I got as near to Malvern as Evesham on August 23rd...I thought not without longing of the Dark Hills in distance, but had to rush straight back."  

MaLTS is a voluntary society that exists to:

  • Investigate, celebrate and discuss the writings of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien and their influences on our lives.

  • Have a regular focus on Christian apologetics.

  • Celebrate and discuss good fantasy/science fiction writing.

  • To investigate, celebrate and learn about the connection that Lewis and Tolkien had to Malvern.

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